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These Are Your Legal Rights. While we talk a lot about the rights of a tenant and how to safeguard them, there is other side of the transaction, too. Under the rental laws in India, there are rights that safeguard the interests of a landlord, too. The Rent Control Act is one important act passed by the Government of India in 1948, post which several states like Delhi, Maharashtra and Karnataka have undertaken modifications to the same.

Recently, various ammendments have taken place pertaining to new laws favouring landlords. Whether a first-time landlord or a seasoned renter, here s what you should know about the basic rights of landlords. The act, however, seen as pro-tenant, also, talks about the protection of rights of landlords. Right to evict a tenant. With the Rent Control Act applicable only to a tenancy of over 12 months, things seemed tougher for landlords to evict tenants living in the property for years.

The Draft Model Tenancy Act 2015, which has been in the news recently, aims to make things easier for landlords as well as tenants by addressing untimely eviction, repossession issues as well as mutually fixing and revising the rent. The landlord also has a right to evict a tenant if he or she requires the building for his or her own occupation. To prevent tenants from overstaying, landlords can also add a clause of hike in rent in the agreement, if the tenant does not leave when the contract ends.

Right to temporary recovery of possession. Laws now allow landlords the right to evict a tenant on the grounds of breach of rental agreement; subletting rented premises or a part of it without landlord s permission; default in payment of rent for specified period; misuse of the property; or conducting illegal activities in the rented premises. A landlord is entitled to obtain possession of the property, in case there is a requirement for him to carry out repairs, alterations or additions to the building, which cannot be carried out without the building being vacated, after which the building will again be offered to the tenant.

Or, if the rented accommodation has become unsafe for habitation and cannot be refurbished without being vacated, the landlord is entitled to get possession of the property. Right to increase the rent. Regulations allow landlords to have an upper hand as far as the collection of rent is concerned. Owners of residential or commercial properties not only have a right to charge rent at market rates from their tenants for taking the premises but also to raise the rent periodically. The Draft Model Tenancy Act is instrumental in creating a balance by bringing the urban rented accommodations under the purview of the formal housing sector.

The Act clearly specifies the period, inheritance, rents payable as well as the obligations of landlord and tenants. In India, the applicable rate of rent increase is around 10 per cent, every two years, for residential properties. But, mostly, there are laws governing this too. For instance, the landlords in Delhi can increase rent only as per Section 6 8A of Delhi Rent Control Act.

To be advised of necessary repairs. It is the duty and the right of the landlord to respond to the requests for repairs in a reasonable amount of time. Minor repairs of the property could be undertaken by the tenant. However, for all major repairs requiring reimbursement, prior permission needs to be taken from the landlord in writing. So, a landlord has the right to be informed about necessary repairs being made to his or her property. As per law, the landlord is under obligation to keep the property in good and tenantable form.

But the rent control act provides the provision for both parties to share the financial burden of the repairs. What the criminal was thinking and what can be done to prevent or uncover similar crimes. In hindsight, it seems obvious Nathan J. Mueller s pilfering of financial services giant ING should have never been allowed to start, much less last as long as it did.

Lessons from an 8 million fraud. Finally, the evidence that he was living far beyond his means the expensive cars and watches, the lavish nightlife, the frequent trips from Minnesota to Las Vegas could have raised a few eyebrows among his co-workers, but nobody voiced any concerns for years. In the end, Mueller embezzled nearly 8.

Then, the check his credit card company returned to ING could have exposed his theft in the first year, but the accounts payable department simply returned the check to him. First, it was an accident that gave Mueller, an employee in ING s reinsurance division, the authority to approve company checks of up to 250,000. 5 million from ING over four years and three months.

When he was caught, he was sentenced to 97 months in prison a term that he began in February 2009 at the Federal Prison Camp in Duluth, Minn. His case is noteworthy because of the millions of dollars involved and the length of time that his scheme went undetected and because his scheme was made possible by a breach of controls. Why should anyone care about Nathan J.

This article describes the fraud in Mueller s own words and examines the lessons learned with strategies for management on how to prevent and detect similar schemes. THE PATH TO ING. Mueller grew up in a small town in south central Minnesota. A high school friend remembers that Mueller was popular in school, decent at athletics, and competent at his schoolwork, and that he liked to play rap music pretty loud in his car whenever he could.

Mueller attended a private liberal arts college and graduated with an accounting degree in 1996. The friend also remembers that Mueller s family was always on a tight budget and that Mueller didn t like living that way. He enjoyed the inner workings of accounting systems, and in 2000 he found himself part of ING after his employer, life insurance company ReliaStar, was acquired for more than 6 billion.

Mueller played a lead role in transitioning his old employer onto a new enterprise resource planning ERP system. A mistake by his new employer created an opportunity for Mueller to steal company funds. In the next section of the article, Mueller describes the fraud scheme in his own words. WE OFTEN LOGGED ON AS SOMEONE ELSE. As a part of the changeover team, I became an expert on all aspects of the ERP system including financial reporting, journal entries, and, most importantly, checks and wire payment processing.

I was also, by mistake, along with a co-worker, given the authority to approve checks up to 250,000. I discovered this permission quite by accident some two years after the takeover. Our accounting department consisted of a controller, assistant controller, accounting manager meand three people under me. Together with a co-worker CW and a subordinate SUBI was one of three of us in my division who could request checks. CW and I also could approve checks.

In our small accounting department, we knew everyone else s system passwords. This was a practical workaround for when we needed to get something done when someone was out of the office. One morning, while sitting at my desk, I realized that I could log in as someone else, request a check, and then log in as myself and approve my own request. I went to work every day for the next year tempted by the pot of gold that was there for the taking.

We often logged on as someone else to get the job done. In June 2003, my wife was pregnant and my annual 80,000 salary was just not getting all of our bills and college loans paid. I thought that if I just paid off my debts, then we could do quite well with my income matching our living expenses. I tested my scheme by paying the current amount due on one of my credit cards that had a name that included the word Universal. Just before I left the office late on a Monday afternoon, I logged on as CW and requested a check made out to Universal for 1,100.

This check looked normal because we did a lot of business with an insurance company that had Universal as the main part of its name. After the check was prepared, I mailed it with my statement to my credit card company, and the amount was applied to my account without a problem. For a while I felt guilty and worried. If I were caught, I d lose my job for only 1,100.

Two weeks later, I decided to try it again, and my next check was for 1,800. During that summer, I transferred all my other debt balances to the Universal card and kept requesting checks made out to Universal. After 88,000 was paid against my credit card, I was free and clear of all debt, except for the mortgage on our house. Just before I d cleared all the charges to the Universal card, I noticed that one of my checks for 4,500 had apparently gone missing.

It wasn t posted against my credit card account, and it had not cleared the company s bank account. I was worried that something had caused the bank not to process the check or that my fraud had been discovered internally. For a few weeks I nervously looked at my emails each morning scanning the subject lines for words like explanation requested.

Each time the phone rang I assumed that I was going to be called upstairs for a meeting. Then at around 10 on a hot late-August morning, I received one of those brown interoffice recycled mail envelopes in my inbox from our accounts payable department in Atlanta. There was the check. I had forgotten to put my personal credit card number on the check, and so the card payment processors didn t know whose account to credit. That stopped my 2003 fraud spree dead in its tracks.

AFTER THE SCARE WORE OFF. By the middle of our bone-chilling winter, the effects of the scare had worn off, and I started thinking about how easy it was to get that 88,000 bonus. I couldn t help myself. The accounts payable people also didn t know what to do with the check, so they sent it back to me, the check s requester. I wanted to do it again, even though I didn t really need the money like before.

I remembered the missing check scare, and so I now wanted a scheme that bypassed mailing the checks to my credit card company. I chose Ace because our company did a lot of business with another company that had Ace in its name. On a Thursday afternoon, right before I left for the day, I logged on as SUB and requested a check made out for 27,000. I then logged on as myself and approved it. I registered Ace Business Consulting with our secretary of state, got a federal ID number, and opened a bank account at a major bank with lots iq option zahlt nicht aus branches in Minnesota.

I picked up the check on Friday and deposited it in Ace s bank account on Saturday morning. They then mailed the check to the head office address. The teller treated the transaction like any other routine transaction and handed me the deposit receipt showing that the whole 27,000 was available. I still remember her telling me to have a nice day. Using this method, I stole about 1 million in 2004, 2 million in 2005, 4 million in 2006, and 1 million in 2007.

Getting a check was easy because I logged on as CW or SUB and requested a check and then I approved the check. The checks were printed overnight, and it was SUB s job to collect the physical checks every day from the company building next door. I had to make sure that SUB had the day off the iq option zahlt nicht aus day because, when SUB was away, I was the person who collected the checks.

At my desk I would remove the Ace check from the batch, and all the other checks were mailed off to where they were supposed to go. Normally, I would just wait for SUB to take the day off, and I d request an Ace check the day before. If I needed money urgently, I d give SUB the day off so that I could collect the checks. For every credit to the bank there has to be a debit, and my debits needed to be hidden somewhere. Our payments were usually for insurance claims, commission expenses, various refunds, or an administrative expense.

One of my accounting tasks was to record the investment income of our Canadian investments in U. In 2003 and 2004, I hid all the debits in ledger accounts iq option zahlt nicht aus had a lot of reconciliation activity, making sure that my debit helped the account reconcile to zero. dollars USD in our U. accounting records.

I was supposed to use the average Canadian-dollar-to-USD exchange rate to record the interest income. From 2005 to 2007, I would calculate the real exchange rate, and then I would purposely weaken the Canadian dollar by a few basis points to understate the USD value of that income. I was the only person who worked on this task for seven years, and because the accounting system had thousands of journal entries and billions of dollars of transactions, my Ace checks remained hidden.

For every Ace check there was a deposit to my bank account, and I needed some explanation to spend my money without making my wife or my friends suspicious. In the beginning I told my wife, friends, and family that I was doing some accounting work on the side. At that time my lifestyle wasn t very different, and so the moonlighting explanation worked fine. When my lifestyle included high-end European cars, costly Las Vegas trips, extravagant watches, and expensive nightclub entertainment, I told people that I was an amazingly successful gambler and I got my extra income from hitting large jackpots on high-dollar slot machines.

To do this, I would first wire money down to the casino in Las Vegas, and then I d fly there first class on Northwest. I d then carry up to 100,000 in cash back home at the end of the weekend with a stack of W-2Gs which report gambling winnings. This gambling success explanation wasn t working all that well after two years and just under 3 million in winnings, and in June 2006 I knew that I had to choose between my wife and my fraud. It was either come clean to her about what I was doing or get away from her to insulate her from all the consequences coming my way.

I knew I would eventually be caught, so I chose divorce. By mid-2007, my fraud had cooled off, and I d only taken 1 million so far that year. LET S DO LUNCH SOMETIME. CW and I were talking about it with my boss in the hallway outside our offices one morning, and we all agreed that since we were all involved in the accounting function, we should not have the authority to approve checks.

We actually revoked our own check approval authority. An internal company review showed that three of us in accounting had check approval authorities, and we all received internal forms that needed to be completed. At an afternoon lunch at Panera Bread in August 2007 they were surprise. talking about depressive, anti-social, hard-drinking, and overweight me.

My ex-wife told CW that she didn t really believe the lucky-at-gambling explanation for my life in the fast lane. CW and my ex-wife became friends while she and I worked together. CW s suspicions were raised, and a few days later she ran a query to list all the 2007 checks that she had requested or approved. The results included 10 Ace checks adding up to 1 million. on Friday, my boss asked me for the supporting vouchers for the Ace checks.

I said that since SUB was off for the day, we should get to the bottom of things on Monday morning. Monday morning s meeting didn t go very well, and I literally ran out of the office. On Tuesday at 10 30 p. It was an unpleasant conversation in which the word Ace was mentioned several times and ended only because I said that I wanted to talk with my attorney.two of the company s fraud investigators rang the doorbell at my home in the exclusive suburbs of Minneapolis.

AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION. Organizations need an effective antifraud strategy to deter and detect employee fraud. These programs should include fraud prevention activities, proactive detection activities, fraud investigation activities for suspected fraudsand the concluding civil remedies and criminal actions. Effective prevention activities usually involve maintaining an organizational culture of honesty and high ethical standards, assessing fraud risk, and reducing the opportunities to commit fraud.

Fraud investigations and obtaining civil remedies are very costly, and it is generally believed that prevention activities are the most economical way to control losses from fraud. This section discusses the prevention activities that might have played a role in preventing the Mueller fraud. An organization s hiring policy where allowed by law should include past employment verification, a background check, a credit check, and education verification.

These policies and procedures should be applied in every hiring instance, including those in which groups of employees are onboarded as the result of a corporate entity acquisition. Mueller found himself employed at a multinational company as a result of a takeover, effectively bypassing any screens that the company might have had in place.

After a takeover, management should be aware that the incoming employees likely will have less loyalty to their new employer than the original employees have. The acquirer should carefully weigh its options when it comes to an assessment of fraud risk and give due consideration to the previously mentioned new hire procedures. Management also should consider subjecting the new employees to a modified, and possibly less strenuous, version of the new-hire procedures.

In Mueller s case, a check of his credit report at that time would have shown that he was financially strapped and under real pressure for extra income, though that might not have been enough to disqualify him from receiving a job offer. IMPORTANCE OF ERP CONTROLS. The Mueller case is a good reminder of the importance of controls related to ERP systems.

Authentication controls identify the person accessing the accounting system and ensure that only legitimate users can access the system. These controls include passwords, smart cards, and biometric identifiers. In Mueller s case, the authentication controls failed because he effectively impersonated either SUB or CW. His fraud could have been prevented if the company had used multifactor authentication, perhaps by requiring both a password and a smart card inserted into a card reader. For two years, Mueller didn t even know that he had permission to approve checks.

His approval limit of 250,000 was also excessive. Authorization controls restrict the access of authenticated users to certain classes of information and capabilities. The ability to request and approve high-dollar checks, in part, facilitated the fraud. Processing controls ensure that data is processed correctly and, by implication, that obvious errors are not processed. The Mueller fraud was made possible, in part, by the fact that he could keep his fraud concealed by posting the debits to a ledger account of his choosing effectively journalizing his own fraud.

A control weakness related to physical safeguards was that the requesting and authorizing employees had access to the printed checks after they were printed. Employees who can request or approve payments should not have access to the printed checks. This control is also important in claims processing centers that, for example, process health insurance claims or tax refunds. Good business practices together with the risk of fraud provide suitable reasons to avoid situations where just one or two people understand the whole system and where one or two people are responsible for reconciliations and write-offs.

Because Mueller could control the ledger accounts that were debited, he could keep his scheme undetected. This case shows the importance of the separation of operational responsibility from recordkeeping responsibilities. It is difficult to avoid the complexities and volume of transactions that come with being a multinational financial services company. The elements of the fraud triangle include pressure, opportunity, and rationalization.

As a fraud prevention measure, organizations should have employee support programs in place to assist employees struggling with addictions, mental and emotional health, and family and financial problems. Extensive personal debts and a new child provided the pressure for the first phase of the fraud. A POUND OF CURE. The main steps in the process are data collection; data cleansing; running the analytics tests; and evaluation, investigation, and reporting. The largest subsets growth test is based on the fact that people escalate their frauds at a much more rapid pace than what would be considered normal.

The use of forensic analytics would have raised alerts with respect to the Ace vendor. Forensic analytics is the act of obtaining and analyzing electronic data using calculations and statistical techniques to reconstruct, detect, or otherwise support a claim of embezzlement or other financial fraud. They also don t know when to stop. A fraudulent vendor often shows explosive year-over-year growth. An employee using a company purchasing card for personal expenses often has geometric growth in total purchases.

An employee with a fraudulent overtime scheme also often shows high growth in hourly totals, perhaps even to impossible levels. Running a computer-based test to review the vendors with the largest annual growth in total dollars would have shown that Ace s dollar growth was abnormally high and suspicious. People at work saw and heard that he was living the high life. Mueller s lifestyle included expensive cars, trips, watches, and nighttime entertainment.

Fraud awareness training reminds employees at all levels in the organization that fraud is real and that it could be happening in their departments. A co-worker living beyond what his or her salary should allow is a classic red flag for fraud. From early on, co-workers were aware of my trips to Vegas, my gambling, and my car, Mueller said. As time went on, they would have noticed more and more things I had, and that should have sparked questions about where all my money was coming from.

It was a relatively simple query that highlighted the Ace checks. Mueller was eventually caught because of suspicions of fraud, but it was more due to a coincidence than anything else. Frauds are often discovered by tips, and to benefit from this detection avenue, organizations need to make available to employees an anonymous fraud reporting channelsuch as a third-party hotline.

Had suspicions been raised as a result of fraud awareness training, this fraud could have been stopped as early as 2004. The fraud would have been discovered in 2003 if the accounts payable people had looked more closely at the 4,500 check that was returned to them. A financial institution returned a check to the company saying that it didn t know what the payment was for. It should have seemed odd that a credit card company was being paid with a single check for a single account.

One detection tactic would be to have all abnormal interactions with outside parties e.errors, refunds, and overpayments reviewed by a risk management person knowledgeable in financial matters so that remedial actions including system changes can be taken. While Mueller did not set up the vendor as a new vendor, companies need to carefully control who has permission to add new vendors to the payments system.

The fraud scheme used checks payable to Ace. Also, vendors that are dormant need to be deleted from the system to prevent employees who want to start a fraud from modifying an existing record instead of creating a new vendor. Mueller has paid back about 860,000 of the money he stole, he said. Almost all of that has come in the form of assets homes, cars, jewelry, and financial accounts he gave directly to ING or that were forfeited by his ex-wife and friends, he said. He pays 75 a month from prison through a repayment program.

With time off for good behavior and for completing the residential drug abuse program for alcohol abuseMueller is scheduled to be released from prison in September. He will have spent a year and three months longer behind bars than he did stealing money from ING a scheme that in hindsight should have never gotten started, much less lasted that long. A corporate mistake opened the door for Nathan J. Mueller s fraud. Two years after the error was made, he discovered he was authorized to request and approve checks of up to 250,000.

This allowed Mueller to request checks under one identity and then approve them under his own account. A co-worker also was accidentally granted the same privileges, while a subordinate was authorized to request checks. Mueller, his subordinate, and the co-worker often logged on as one another to get work done. Mueller and his subordinate were allowed to physically pick up checks. This allowed Mueller to take physical checks to the bank to be deposited into the account of a fake vendor he set up.

Mueller hid his debits in ledger accounts that he controlled. Better separation of duties could have helped to prevent the scheme. The fraud netted nearly 8. The money was used to buy expensive cars, watches, and nighttime entertainment as well as to pay for numerous trips from Minnesota to Las Vegas. Living beyond one s means is a classic red flag of possible fraud. Mueller told his wife his extra money was from gambling winnings. After a while, she began to doubt that explanation, and they divorced.

The fraud was uncovered when Mueller s ex-wife expressed her doubts about his income to his co-worker. The co-worker spotted questionable transactions in the company records and brought them to management s attention. The scheme unraveled quickly after that. Mueller was sentenced to 97 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to fraud. He is due to be released in September after 5 years in prison. 5 million in four years. Nigrini mark_nigrini msn.

com is an assistant professor at West Virginia University in Morgantown, W. Mueller is an inmate at the Federal Prison Camp in Duluth, Minn. He can be reached starting in September at nmueller outlook. To comment on this article or to suggest an idea for another article, contact Jeff Drew, senior editor, at jdrew aicpa. 2014, page 38 What s Your Fraud IQ. org or 919-402-4056. June 2014, page 40 What s Your Fraud IQ. March 2014, page 46 What Gets Monitored Gets Detected, Feb.

2014, page 32 What s Your Fraud IQ. 2013, page 26 Fraud Hotlines Don t Miss That Call, Aug. 2013, page 32. The CPA s Handbook of Fraud and Commercial Crime Prevention 056504. CPE self-study. Forensic Valuation Services Conference, Nov. 9 11, New Orleans. Fundamentals of Forensic Accounting Certificate Program 159950 Internal Control Essentials for Financial Managers, Accountants, 181859, DVD manual; 159821, on-demand.

For more information or to make a purchase or register, go to cpa2biz. Forensic Analytics Methods and Techniques for Forensic Accounting Investigationsby Mark J. Steve Albrecht, Chad O. Albrecht, Conan C. Albrecht, and Mark F. Practice tool. Zimbelman South-Western Cengage Learning 2012 Association of Certified Fraud Examiners ACFE2014 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuseacfe.

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LoanSafe Fraud Manager utilizes a patented fraud model that analyzes trends based on mortgage application data, resulting in a more comprehensive view of mortgage fraud risk. Help Loan Purchase Decisions with Blended Reissue. Simplify the transition of information between the originator and investor for your fraud review. LoanSafe Fraud Manager now offers Blended Reissue to simplify the fraud QC process, saving you time and money.

With a single access key, Investors and Warehouse Facilities receive the best of both worlds, with full control of critical loan inputs, plus the benefit of supplemental data from the originator. Controlled, coordinated fraud review between originator and investor Alert clearing notes are shared, reducing duplicative actions Reduced suspensions and quicker fundings. Fraud Risk Score. The LoanSafe Fraud Manager report is easy to understand and incorporate into your processes, the Fraud Risk Score gives additional transparency into the likelihood that a loan file contains material misrepresentation.

Use this fraud report score to determine the degree of risk associated with the loan file and tailor the review process accordingly. Fraud Alerts and Recommended Actions. Fraud alerts highlight specific areas of inconsistency within the fraud report and identify areas of potential concern. Each alert offers recommended actions that direct reviewers to areas of additional investigation. Alerts can be customized to your review processes and risk threshold, making LoanSafe Fraud Iq option zahlt nicht aus a unique tool that conforms to your business practices.

Online, Collaborative Review and Reporting Portal. Alert Review LoanSafe Connect is a secure, online site that offers you the ability to review and interact with LoanSafe Risk Manager and LoanSafe Fraud Manager reports in real time, allowing staff to work collaboratively yet independently on file review. The predictive risk scores are kept pure when alerts are addressed, adding to the integrity of the report.

Reporting The Reporting tool within LoanSafe Connect allows you to have on-demand access to enterprise-level data on your LoanSafe Risk Manager, LoanSafe Fraud Manager and LoanSafe Collateral Manager transactions. The Reporting Tool also allows you to. When utilizing the Reporting tool, you can see the most frequent alerts generated across all your loans, evaluate the risk score distribution, and view the number of loans reviewed by your team members. LoanSafe Connect turns static information in the LoanSafe report into dynamic insight.

Benchmark yourself against the industry Quickly adjust and filter the metrics to suit your needs Easily investigate anomalies or trends with in-depth analysis. Settlement Agent Risk Screening. Settlement agents handle funds on every mortgage transaction in the country, yet they are rarely screened as potential fraud risks. Settlement Agent Risk Assessment SARAavailable as an add-on to your LoanSafe Fraud Manager Report screens third party actors against a database of over 75,000 agents and helps.

Verify the identity and background of agents Verify licenses of agents and companies Verify insurance coverage Verify data privacy and internal control Verify wire and trust account details. Borrower Risk Analysis. Get a thorough analysis of the most common mortgage fraud risks associated with a borrower. Identity Validates the borrower s Social Security Number, screens for any potential liens and judgments or bankruptcies and scans for other identities.

Income Analyzes the reasonableness of the borrowers reported income and conducts an Associated Business Search. Loan Application Summary Discern if your borrower is linked to other properties which may not be disclosed in the loan application through the Mortgage Electronic Registration System MERS and CoreLogic Consortium data. WatchList Screening against OFAC, HUD, SAM Exclusions and more.

Third Party Screening. Screen and validate broker, loan officer information and other participants against state and federal databases. LoanSafe Fraud Manager will check. NMLS Registration OFAC GSA or SAM. gov Exclusions HUD Government Watch Lists and your own. LoanSafe Is the Right Choice. Mortgage fraud reports and mitigation solutions are only as good as the data and analytics behind them - and CoreLogic solutions draw from the most current, complete and relevant property data collection available and combines it with industry leading analytics and patented pattern recognition technology.

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It s alarming that these types of data breaches are becoming more common lately. Millions of loan and mortgage records exposed in another massive data breach. Another day, another massive data leak from an unsecured server. In the past few weeks, we ve seen servers expose personal information and even government data, not because of any hacking attempts, mind you, but due to poor security practices.

As proven in the past quite too often, companies who fail to secure their websites and databases properly could be leaking your information in the open, too. And the worse part is this not even the best security precautions can protect you from these data breaches. Read on and learn about the latest massive data breach caused by another unsecured server. Aside from identity fraud and scams, this one could put your mortgages, loans and home titles at risk.

Around 24 million financial and banking documents have been left exposed online yet again due to a misconfigured server. Ascension data breach. Your daily dose of tech smarts. According to a report from Techcrunch, the database was sitting on an unprotected server running an Elasticsearch database. And similar to other data breaches of this type, the database was not protected by any password, allowing anyone to view and access the treasure trove of information.

Learn the tech tips and tricks only the pros know. Fun fact Elasticsearch is a free database search engine popular with cloud services such as Amazon Web Services. Based on Techcrunch s findings, the breach can be traced back to Ascension, a data and analytics firm based in Fort Worth, Texas. The exposed data was discovered by security researcher Bob Diachenko on Jan.

10 via public search engines like Shodan. Thanks to Diachenko s report, it is believed that the data was exposed for only weeks until was finally shut down on Jan. What was exposed. Fun fact Shodan is a free search engine tool used for tracking exposed ports, databases and vulnerable web-connected appliances. The leaked information from the Ascension leak includes documents that are related to loan and mortgage records from a number of major banking institutions including CitiFinancial, HSBC Life Insurance, Wells Fargo, CapitalOne and even U.

federal agencies like the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Aside from these sensitive documents, the leak also exposed personal information including. Names Addresses Birth dates Social Security numbers Bank account numbers Checking account numbers Loan agreements Bankruptcy filings Tax documents including W-2 tax forms. Currently, the actual number of people affected by this data breach is still unclear and it is unknown if the information was accessed by hackers.

Judging by the number of data points and the nature of the information exposed, if cybercriminals got hold of the data, they will have a field day harvesting the information to facilitate all sorts of scams like identity and financial fraud. Exposed databases are nothing new and they seem to occur on a regular basis. Needless to say, if the information gets into the hands of scammers, it could lead to all kinds of malicious activity. What to do after a data breach.

To protect yourself from the inevitable fallout, here are some suggestions. Beware of phishing scams Scammers will try and piggyback on huge breaches like this. They will create phishing emails, pretending to be the affected company, hoping to get victims to click on malicious links that could lead to more problems.

Take our phishing IQ test to see if you can spot a fake email. Keep an eye on your bank accounts You should be frequently checking your bank statements, looking for suspicious activity. If you see anything that seems strange, report it immediately. It monitors hacker sites and collects new data every five to 10 minutes about the latest hacks and exposures.

Check your online accounts Have I Been Pwned is an easy-to-use site with a database of information that hackers and malicious programs have released publicly. Get a credit freeze If you think that your identity has already compromised, put a credit freeze on your accounts as soon as you can. Have strong security software Protecting your gadgets with strong security software is important.

It s the best defense against digital threats. Bonus Get home title protection. No identity theft protection, homeowner s insurance or bank protects you. The instant they detect anyone tampering with your title, they re on it. You need to check right now to see if you re already a victim. For pennies a day, our sponsor Home Title Lock does.

2,000 online stores at risk after attack How to shop safely. Privacy tip This search engine doesn t track you like Google. Your passwords are exposed here s what to do about it. Ask me your digital question. Navigating the digital world can be intimidating and sometimes downright daunting. Reach out today to ask your digital question. You might even be on my show. How to stop your devices from listening to and saving everything you say.

10 best sites to watch movies for free. 5 smartphone spy apps that could be listening and watching you right now. 6 social media privacy mistakes you re making right now. 9 best sites for free ringtone downloads. Social media messages from friends promise free money it s a scam. 6 ways to speed up an old computer. Browser feeling sluggish. Speed up Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

How to find saved passwords. The African safari you can take in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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