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Together with the OptiFiber Pro OTDR, LinkWare brings together all the critical information you need in one printed report that you can give to your customer. It integrates bi-directional loss length certification results, OTDR analysis trace, EventMap link diagram, power meter measurements and fiber endface images from both ends of the link in one report showing your customers a comprehensive view of the fiber plant.

No other fiber test solution documents the fiber infrastructure so completely and easily. And LinkWare emulates OptiFiber Pro so you can study and analyze traces in the office. Report formats include. Graphical Format For twisted-pair cabling, color graphics depict all of the measured test parameters. The worst pair is identified in the text column with worst margin and worst value numbers.

Text Format Test reports that contain the numeric summary of all tests. worst case margin and worst case value data for each wire pair or wire pair combination. Summary Format Report that provides a one-line summary of each cabling link tested. This summary contains the cabling link ID, the date and time it was tested, the Pass or Fail outcome, and the headroom figure. Configure your Cable Tester. LinkWare Software talks to your DSX CableAnalyzer Series, CertiFiber Pro Optical Loss Test Set, or OptiFiber Pro OTDR tester and automatically alerts you when new software is available.

You can update the tester, a remote tester, and other testers. Use LinkWare to set your start ID and your stop ID, then download these to your DSX CableAnalyzer Series, CertiFiber Pro Optical Loss Test Set, or OptiFiber Pro OTDR tester. Your tester uses this information to generate an entire sequence of IDs as you test, ensuring no IDs in the sequence are skipped during the testing. You can create a list of individual custom cable IDs in LinkWare then download these directly to your DSX CableAnalyzer Series, CertiFiber Pro Optical Loss Test Set, or OptiFiber Pro OTDR tester.

Label CMS Info. Until now, cable identification, certification and management have not been integrated. Custom cable ID lists. Download a sequence for generating cable IDs. Through alliances with cable management software CMS and labeling companies, Fluke Networks has developed integrated documentation solutions. You can also configure your tester with environmental settings language, length units, number format, and time-out periodsthe names of your technicians, the names of the projects or job sites, and an automatic cable ID sequence.

Fluke Networks LinkWare software together with DTX CableAnalyzer Series, OptiFiber Pro OTDR and DTX-CLT CertiFiber achieves compatibility with CMS and labeling software programs, making it easier to maintain a comprehensive cable management system while adhering to the revised TIA EIA-606A standard. DTX CableAnalyzer and OptiFiber Pro OTDR These models have enhanced documentation capabilities.

The same multimedia card used to transfer test results is used to download custom cable IDs. Those cable IDs can come from CMS and or labeling software. Up until now, creating cable IDs in testers has been a time-consuming manual process. Whether it s having to struggle with awkward, limited keypad interfaces, or the very simple setup of starting and ending IDs, you have had to rely on your tester to generate the full set.

These schemes are error-prone and may not match the installation s ID set. With the enhanced documentation capabilities interface for cable ID lists, test records can be merged with the CMS database records and be made to match the printed labels. LinkWare Software On completion of testing, test records are uploaded to Fluke Networks LinkWare for review and reporting.

CMS applications rely on LinkWare software for its specialized formatting, presentation, graphing, and printing of test results, making it a CMS module. Benefits of an Integrated Approach. Integration of documentation yields significant benefits including Simplified preparation for installation Time-savings in the office by eliminating cable ID errors in the field Professional results efficiently delivered Readily-accessible cabling performance information Improved management of moves, adds, and changes Maximized business uptime for improved profitability.

Import data from most electronic databases such as Excel and Access All label formats for Panduit thermal transfer, ink jet, laser and dot-matrix labels 21 resident bar code symbologies Date, time, series, graphic and data import fields. Labeling Software and Labels PAN-MARK for Windows Labeling Software. LabelMark software, compliant with the new ANSI TIA EIA 606A Standard, easily formats cable, faceplate and closet labels, guiding users through label creation, editing and printing.

LabelMark also downloads information from spreadsheets and cable management software. It includes all Brady labels designed for telecommunications applications and has templates to format 110 block and patch panel labels. Labacus 4300 labeling software has an intuitive and user-friendly interface backed up by comprehensive context-sensitive help.

In addition to label building and printing, Labacus 4300 enables downloading of cable IDs into the DSP-4300. Following wizard prompts, users can rapidly, accurately and neatly generate required required labeling. A freeware version may be downloaded. Documentation Integration Partners docIT cable management software provides fully 606A - compliant documentation for all components of the physical layer including horizontal cables, cross-connects, termination hardware, assets and users.

docIT combines with Microsoft Visio to provide a powerful, reliable and easy-to-use relational blueprint of an infrastructure s ever-changing network and telecommunications system. This Product Suite will help global corporations to more cost efficiently plan, visualize, track, modify, add, remove and change, the telecommunication network infrastructure for premises, datacenter and outside plant, and wide area network circuits throughout their entire lifecycle.

Planet provides the next-generation Infrastructure Relationship Management IRM software solution. The CLEAR Edge is a Web Centric cable and change management software solution that administers and controls the physical network infrastructure. Our software provides accurate and timely information on the mission-critical assets, connectivity and the inevitable Moves, Adds and Changes that occur to our customers corporate communications networks. Easy-to-use Interface. LinkWare is easy to learn and intuitive to use.

The graphical user interface makes uploading data, sorting, printing and saving intuitive, simple operations. A separate set of icons is available for tester maintenance functions such as updating the tester software or calibrating the Permanent Link Interface Adapter. Easy Windows -based User Interface The LinkWare project window is easy to navigate. The icons in the Info column tell you if a test record contains optional graphical plot data or comment text.

Tool bars give you easy access to the most common functions. In the Record summary list window, records that PASS are shown in normal black type. Marginal pass results PASS are shown in blue while the FAIL links are highlighted in red. Tabs organize results for each cabling link just click the tab to look at the details. This instant view saves you time sorting.

Flexible Import Wizard When importing records, the LinkWare Import Wizard can automatically build or add to a project structure and place the records at the correct levels in the structure. The Wizard can use your definition of the cable ID fields to create and name levels. For example, if your cable IDs contain characters that represent patch panels, telecommunications rooms, and floors the Wizard can add these icons to the project structure; then place the records at the correct levels in the structure.

LinkWare Stats. LinkWare Stats analyzes and transforms LinkWare cable test data into graphics that reveal your cabling plant performance-summarizing your entire cabling infrastructure in a compact, graphical format that makes it easy to verify margins and spot anomalies. LinkWare stats functionality is included in LinkWare. Minimum System Requirements are. 1 GHz or faster processor 1GB RAM 32-bit or 2GB RAM 64-bit Windows VistaWindows 7, Windows 8.

User documentation for Versiv firmware version 6. 1, Windows 10 Monitor with 800x600 pixels 1024x768 recommended16-bit color. Unlimited access to our Knowledge Base - You ll have an open door to valuable proprietary information we ve gathered from helping customers over the years. It also includes helpful technical articles written by our experts. FI-7000 FiberInspector Pro Learn More. CertiFiber Pro Optical Loss Test Set Learn More. OptiFiber Pro OTDR Family Learn More.

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It s never too late to get started, get collecting your crypto coins today. How to Play Luno Apps on PC,Laptop,Windows. Open Android Emulator for PC import the Luno Apps file from your PC Into Android Emulator to install it. Luno Apps Full Version Download for PC. Microsoft has now updated its Windows 10 Technical Preview to add most of the new features it announced last week, which you can check out in the video above.

In September Microsoft unveiled a technical preview, an early version of the OS primarily for testing purposes. Try out Windows 10 s new features first including Cortana voice control and the full-screen Start menu by installing option golf 7 iqdrive technical preview. While the preview is likely to be unstable, anyone could download and use it. If you ve installed the technical preview on your main PC and are using it all the time, then the update should download automatically.

But if you re following the advice in our feature Install Windows 10 the easy way with VirtualBox and running the preview safely in a virtual PC, you might miss the automatic update and will need to download it manually. Open the Start menu, type update in the search box and click Check for updates in the list of results. Step 1 Open Windows Update. Step 2 Check for a new preview build. When the PC Settings window opens, click Preview builds in the list down its left-hand side.

Windows 10 will then check for new a version and, if one is available, show an Install now button. Click this to start the download. How long the download takes depends on the speed of your internet connection, so be prepared to wait until it completes. Step 5 Restart Windows. Step 4 Wait for the download to finish. Step 3 Download the latest update. When the download is complete, you ll be asked to restart Windows 10 to complete the installation, although you can postpone this to a more convenient time if you want to.

Step 6 Wait for the installation to finish. You ll then need to wait for the installation to finish. How long this takes depends on how fast your PC is, so it might be time for a cuppa. You ll see that the Windows 10 Desktop has changed a bit since with the update, with new wallpaper and a search box on the Taskbar.

Step 8 Trick Cortana into working. The Cortana voice-controlled assistant won t yet work in the UK, but you can trick it into obeying your commands by changing Windows 10 s language settings. Simply switch from English UK to English US by following our Windows 10 language settings guide in reverse, sign into Windows using a free Microsoft account and Cortana will work for you. See our in-depth guide to the new features in this Windows 10 for more about how to use them.

Step 7 See what s new. More on Windows 10. Windows 10 The biggest new features you really need to know about. Windows 10 will be free for many users, says Microsoft. Happy birthday, Windows 10. 10 reasons to love it. The easy way to install Windows 10 before it comes out. Has your Windows 10 Start menu stopped working. How to fix it. A number of users have reported problems with their Start Menu. Try one of our solutions to fix it now.

Microsoft Cortana How to test drive Windows 10 s voice-controlled personal assistant. Workaround to Sudden Loss of Internet Access Problem. Date Published 8 July 2008. Date Last Revised 14 July 2008. Overview Microsoft Update KB951748 option golf 7 iqdrive known to cause loss of internet access for ZoneAlarm users on Windows XP 2000.

Windows Vista users are not affected. ZoneAlarm Free, ZoneAlarm Pro, ZoneAlarm AntiVirus, ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware, and ZoneAlarm Security Suite. Download and install the latest versions which solve the loss of internet access problem here English only. Once you have installed the new version of your product go to start windows update and re-install the Microsoft patch. - or follow the directions below. Option 1 Move Internet Zone slider to Medium. Navigate to the ZoneAlarm Firewall panel Click on the Firewall tab Move the Internet Zone slider to medium.

Option 2 Uninstall the hotfix. Click the Start Menu Click Control Panelor click Settings then Control Panel Click on Add or Remove Programs On the top of the add remove programs dialog box, you should see a checkbox that says show updates. To report security issues with Check Point products contact security-alert checkpoint. Select this checkbox Scroll down until you see Security update for Windows KB951748 Click Remove to uninstall the hotfix. Use of the information constitutes acceptance for use in an AS IS condition.

Disclaimer The information in the advisory is believed to be accurate at the time of publishing based on currently available information. Neither the author nor the publisher accepts any liability for any direct, indirect, or consequential loss or damage arising from use of, or reliance on, this information. Check Point and Check Point products, are registered trademarks of Check Point Incorporated and or affiliated companies in the United States and other countries.

All other registered and unregistered trademarks represented in this document are the sole property of their respective companies owners. There are no warranties with regard to this information. Impact Sudden loss of internet access. Mod to Windows Movie Maker, Convert Mod to WMM for editing. Published on Apr 9, 2010. Total Video Converter can convert Mod to Windows Movie Maker AVI, MPEG, WMV, etc for further editing in WMM on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista. Mod to Windows Movie Maker, Convert Mod to WMM for editing Have a couple of Mod files from your Canon FS100, JVC or Panasonic Camcorder, you have tried out several suggested solutions, such as rename the file to.

But the final effects make you frustrated. The Total Video Converter can effortlessly solve your problem, for it can easily and efficiently convert Mod files to AVI, MPEG, WMV, MPG supported by Windows Movie Maker without quality loss. Besides, with its versatile editing features, you can optimize and personalize the source videos. More amazing functions and features about theTotal Video Converter. Free Download Size 6. 45MB Several steps realize the conversion from Mod to WMM Step 0 Free download Total Video Converter to your PC, and launch the program.

Step 1 Load video Click Add File button to load. mod file s to the application. Step 2 Set output format and destination Select the output format accepted by WMM like AVI in the drop-down list of 2. Press Browse to specify the folder to store the output file. Step 3 Edit video Optional There are three editing options on the top of the interface EffectTrim and Crop. With them, you can edit your video to your preference. Step 4 Convert video Click Start button to begin the conversion from Mod to your desirable format.

If you want to complete the mysql installation and configuration guide on Windows, you must meet some basic requirements. In this post, we are going to learn how to install MySQL on Windows, any version. Since it is one of the most popular open source databases if not the mostespecially in the field of web development, knowing how to install MySQL Server is practically a must in any server environment.

The MySQL installer for Windows requires Microsoft. 2 to be present on the system, so if you don t have it, it is mandatory to download and install it before installing MySQL. While MySQL Server 8 is available for 64-bit versions of Windows, only MySQL Server 5. x versions will be available for Windows 32-bit. We are going to download MySQL for Windows by visiting the official MySQL page, where we will end up reaching the MySQL Community download page.

There we can download MySQL Community Server for Windows, which we can use freely for our projects. This last option is the one I usually prefer. On all MySQL product download pages, before downloading we will be asked if we want to enter our Oracle account or register if we do not have one. Neither of the two things is necessary to download MySQL Server for Windows, since a direct link to the download is offered a little below, No thanks, just start my downloadwhich is the one we are going to use in this tutorial.

The MySQL download will begin, about 420MB in the version available at the time of writing this post. In this case, we choose the recommended download, the MSI version for the Microsoft installer and it will take us to a new page that will offer us the download of a small web installer or the larger download of the full installer. To install MySQL Server on Windows we will start the installer that we just downloaded.

We must confirm when the user account control asks us if we allow the installation. After a few short preliminary tasks, the MySQL Server installer will show the opening screen, in which we are asked to choose the type of installation. Developer Default Very specific and developer-oriented. Server only Install only MySQL Server. The client only Installs the console and graphical clients, but also development components.

Full Install everything that comes in the package. Custom Allows you to choose what we want to install. If you don t want to complicate your life, the Developer and Full options are safe. In my case, I don t want development components that I m not going to use, as well as plugins, documentation, examples, etc. That is why I will choose the Custom option. This Custom option allows us to carefully choose what to install.

The MySQL Server The graphical MySQL Workbench utility The MySQL Shell console client. In any case, it is a good idea to go through all the optional items one by one to see what they offer us, and to decide whether to include them or not. And everything else I don t need, it s wasted hard drive. MySQL Installation Guide. Next, the MySQL installer checks for certain system software requirements, offering us the ability to automatically download and install whatever is missing.

When we have selected everything that interests us, we will continue. The list will depend on each system and whether or not these products have been previously installed. Before starting the file copy, the installer will show a status screen with the list of MySQL products the ones we had previously selected to be installed. Clicking on Show Details will show what exactly the installer is doing at all times. Once all this process is finished, we can advance to the configuration phase.

We ll try our luck and select Executewhereupon the installer starts downloading these software dependencies directly. On that same screen, we will see the progress of the installation of each of the selected components. In this case, as the installer will inform us, the only product that will be configured is MySQL Server, since clients do not need a configuration as such. We will have to choose between the classic standalone server installation or replication group memberor a test cluster.

As we continue, we enter the first section of the configuration, titled High Availability. The usual thing is to choose the first option. This article explains the step by step installation process of the MySQL Database server on Windows 7, 8, 8. Simple, made possible. From small cafes to the most sophisticated banks and retailers on the planet, NCR powers the technology that integrates everything and runs your entire operation.

NCR Features. Introducing anti-microbial coating to protect your customers. The Primer Ideas to help you run the restaurant, the store, and self-service banking. Contactless is the new comfort for restaurants. Explore our solutions. We provide the software, hardware and services you need to deliver experiences that delight your customers. When we focus on maintaining ATMs for our banking customers, we realize that it s the community that ultimately benefits.

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Whether globally or just those that work on our account to tell you thank you because you enable our business every day. - Jack Clare, Chief Information and Strategy Officer at Dunkin Brands. Department Specialty Retail. By choosing NCR Digital Connected Services for devices in thousands of its Albert Heijn, Etos and Gall Gall stores, Ahold Delhaize increased availability by 11 percent. Grocery Supermarket. California grocery retailer Northgate González Markets chose NCR Emerald to drive its digital transformation, connect its operations, integrate new services and compete.

Convenience Fuel Retail. Pilot Flying J used NCR Software Defined Store enabled by Zynstra to shift from a hardware focus to a software-based approach to boost speed of service and deploy innovations faster. Telecom Technology. Sprint was able to improve their customer experience through a customized Bill Pay Application that enables higher volume control for their store personnel, increasing overall productivity. NCR on the move.

2020 The year cash use changed. The ROI of the impending EMV shift for gas stations. One Florida tavern s tips to run and market a restaurant in a crisis. We re the top-rated app in Idaho and we love to shout that from the rooftops. WATCH THE VIDEO NOW. NCR in the news. NCR partners with Silver Peak to bring more companies the power of SD-WAN. NCR Corporation announces pricing of Senior Notes Offering. NCR receives TAG FinTech ADVANCE Award for Innovation in Digital Banking.

NCR Helps Inspiredu Enhance Technology Used to Process PC Donations for Schools. NCR Corporation announces offering of Senior Notes. NCR Brings Contactless Service to Restaurant Dining Rooms. NCR Rings up Another Emerald Deployment at Bashas Family of Stores. NCR CEO Mike Hayford Discusses Contactless Commerce on Wharton Business Daily on SiriusXM. Mike Hayford Receives the 2020 Employer Recruiting Champion Award from NACE.

NCR CEO Mike Hayford Discusses Contactless Commerce on Bloomberg Radio s Bloomberg Businessweek. NCR to Participate in RBC Capital Markets Financial Technology Virtual Conference. NCR Corporation Announce Pricing of Senior Notes Offering. NCR NCR Corporation Announces Offering of Senior Notes. NCR Announces Partnership with NYMBUS to Facilitate Loans for Small Businesses. Our thoughts are with the Nashville community. NCR Corporation Appoints Equifax CEO Mark W. Begor to its Board of Directors.

NCR Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2019 Results. NCR Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2019 Earnings Conference Call. NCR Rings up Another Emerald Deployment at Bashas Family of Stores NCR Rings up Another Emerald Deployment at Bashas Family of Stores NCR Rings up Another Emerald Deployment at Bashas Family of Stores NCR Rings up Another Emerald Deployment at Bashas Family of Stores NCR Rings up Another Emerald Deployment at Bashas Family of Stores NCR Rings up Another Emerald Deployment at Bashas Family of Stores NCR Rings up Another Emerald Deployment at Bashas Family of Stores Mike Hayford speaks on Wharton Business Daily Mike Hayford speaks on Bloomberg Radio Mike Hayford speaks on Bloomberg Radio NCR to Participate in RBC Capital Markets Financial Technology Virtual Conference NCR Corporation Announce Pricing of Senior Notes Offering Our thoughts are with the Nashville community Our thoughts are with the Nashville community Our thoughts are with the Nashville community NCR Corporation Appoints Equifax CEO Mark W.

Begor to its Board of Directors NCR Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2019 Results NCR Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2019 Earnings Conference Call. Everything you need to run your restaurant. The easy to use, cloud based, powerful, POS for small business. SelfServ ATMs. The 1 ATM family in the world. EMV-ready forecourt POS with 1 1 marketing at the pump. Comprehensive open retail checkout solution. Stylish, versatile and durable point-of-sale terminals.

The payments processing engine of choice worldwide. Advanced Store. The advanced, complete retail software solution. Advanced Marketing Solution. Build your best shoppers with our retail offer management solution. Aloha Silver SelfServ ATMs OPTIC Emerald Real POS Authentic Advanced Store Advanced Marketing Solution. The trademark NCR and NCR logo are registered in the U. Patent and Trademark Office. About Careers Product Catalog Investor Relations News Locations NCR Privacy Policy Do Not Sell My Information Legal Notice Terms and Conditions Contact Us Support.

Banking Restaurants Retail Telecom Technology Public Sector. Branch Transformation Digital Banking Professional Services Digital Connected Services Aloha Restaurant POS Consumer Engagement Payments Payroll HR Solutions ATMs Self-Service. 2020 NCR Corporation. The RedMagic 5S is what you d expect, for better and for worse. We re giving away a Lenovo Legion 5i gaming laptop. The MSI Trident X has a Core i9-10900K and RTX 2080 Super in a compact tower.

Acer Aspire 5 A515-44 with Rzyen 4000 is a winner, but it cuts corners. The ThinkPad X13 Yoga is a fantastic convertible, but not much has changed. thinkpad x13 yoga. HP s Envy 15 is a winner, from the OLED screen to the RTX graphics. Honor MagicBook Pro unboxing and first impressions. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 5 unboxing and first impressions. thinkpad x1 yoga gen 4. Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro unboxing and first impressions. The nubia Watch is one step forward and two steps backward.

Save 94 off the SEO Blueprint for Ranking on Google Bundle. Skyrocket your website to the top of search results and drive more traffic with 21 hours of content on Google YouTube SEO strategies. What s more you ll save over 450 off the cost of this course. There are a few changes. One of my favorite laptops of the year, Lenovo s ThinkPad X1 Yoga hasn t changed a lot this time, especially since 10th-gen processors were added in the middle of last year.

There s a lot to love with the HP Envy 15. HP Envy 15 review A winner, from the OLED screen to the RTX graphics. It s got power with a 45W Intel Comet Lake H CPU and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060, but it s also got a beautiful 4K UHD OLED display to top it off. Next PlayStation 5 Showcase happening on September 16. Sony will be hosting another PlayStation 5 Showcase on September 16.

The company says the event will focus on games, but pricing and launch details of the PlayStation 5 is expected to land here. Huawei s Watch GT 2 Pro isn t quite a refresh, but it s an improved version of the Watch GT 2. It has wireless charging, TruSeen 4. 0 heart rate readings, skiing workout modes, and more. GIVEAWAY We re giving away a Lenovo Legion 5i gaming laptop U. It s that time again, time for free stuff. The second generation of nubia s smartwatch featuring a folded display, the Watch, is here.

The latest wearable from nubia has dropped a few grams and a few features - one too many, perhaps. The upcoming new PlayStation 5 title Kena Bridge of Spirits from Ember Labs has been delayed. Kena Bridge of Spirits has been delayed. The PS5 exclusive has been pushed back from its holiday 2020 release window to the first quarter of 2021.

Xbox Series S press briefing that never happened now leaked. After the 2020 Xbox consoles were leaked in all their glory, Microsoft skipped holding the virtual press conference it had pre-recorded for the purpose. nubia Watch review One step forward, two steps backward. The entire event has now leaked online. Google Maps for Android widely rolling out revamped search field. Google-developed apps are always being updated, and Google Maps for Android is now widely rolling out a pill-shaped search field.

The rounded search field has already rolled out on iOS devices. Weekend PC Game Deals Charge forward into specials and go Tropico for a dollar. This weekend s PC game deals include a Tropico series focused bundle, another double giveaway from the Epic Games Store as usual, several free events, and plenty of other specials to poke at. Google revamps Meet UI to make it similar to recent Gmail integration. Google is redesigning the user interface for the Meet app to make it look like the recently added Gmail tab.

Option golf 7 iqdrive update is rolling out on iOS right now, and Android will soon follow up. This time around, you ll get a chance to win the latest gaming laptop from Lenovo, the Legion 5i, packing an Intel Core i7, a GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, and more. New leak reveals PlayStation 5 box contents. While the design of the upcoming Sony PlayStation gaming consoles is already revealed, a new leak details the box contents.

Pricing and availability details still remain a mystery. Report Chinese government would rather see TikTok U. shut down than being forcefully sold. The Chinese government would rather see TikTok U. The officials believe that a forced sale would make the government and ByteDance appear weak. Microsoft says new App Store game streaming rules will offer bad customer experience.

Apple recently updated its App Store guidelines, offering some breathing room when it comes to allowing game streaming services. However, Microsoft is not satisfied with the changes. iFixit gives Microsoft s Surface Duo a poor repairability score. iFixit has concluded that Microsoft s Surface Duo is not something meant to be repaired and given it a low repairability score.

The phone s fragile cables and glued battery are among its cons. Apple revises App Store guidelines to allow game streaming apps, but with caveats. Today, Apple published a list of revisions to its App Store guidelines, one of which finally allows streaming games, but those games have to be distributed individually, an issue for Microsoft. Tesla is reportedly in talks to secure a carbon-neutral nickel supply from Giga Metals.

The automaker is in talks with Giga Metals, a Canadian mining company, to secure a nickel supply for batteries manufactured in a carbon-neutral way. This will help Tesla reduce its carbon footprint. Facebook announces new initiative to help states recruit poll workers. Facebook is helping state election authorities recruit poll station workers through a new feature in the News Feed and free ad credits.

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Tomorrow s Answer is probably the best rocket launcher in the game and The Scholar scout rifle packs serious power. Microsoft releases Windows 10 build 20211. 1005 to the Dev channel with no changes Update. Today, Microsoft released a new cumulative update for the Dev channel for Windows 10 Insider Preview build 20211. There aren t any new features to be aware of in the update though. 5 Practical React Projects - free eBook download.

Tutorials that will guide you through some fun and practical projects. Progress your React skills by building a Reddit clone, a CRUD app with React, Redux and FeatherJS more with this free eBook. Cyberflashing law reforms set to come to England and Wales. The Law Commission has put forward some reforms for the U.

government to look at, they include the criminalisation of cyberflashing and pile-on harassment but increase the criminality threshold. A cheaper Apple Watch could be announced next week, to come in two sizes. Apple has been reported to be working on a cheaper Apple Watch model, and a new rumor suggests the new watch will come in two sizes and offer cellular variants, but lack the ECG feature.

Here s how you can change your default browser in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. With Apple s upcoming updates to iOS and iPadOS, the company will finally allow users to change their default browser to one from a third-party. Right now, it only works with Google Chrome. England and Wales to launch COVID tracing app on Sept. England and Wales will launch their new coronavirus contact tracing app to the general public on September 24.

It will let people know if they ve come into contact with the virus and need to isolate. Microsoft Teams gets a new GitHub integration. Microsoft has announced a new integration between GitHub and Microsoft Teams, which lets users follow repositories and organizations, track issues, and take actions on them from Teams. Microsoft Flight Simulator patch 2 highlights unveiled, release imminent.

This week s development update for Microsoft Flight Simulator focuses on highlights for the upcoming patch, a new marketplace update, and more on deliverables such as the Feature Discovery Series. Microsoft reports increased cyberattacks targeting U. Microsoft has reported increased activity from hacking groups based in Russia, China, and Iran targeting the U. presidential elections. Both Biden and Trump campaigns have been attacked.

Amazon Music is coming to LG Smart TV models going back to 2016. The Amazon Music app is coming to LG smart TVs. Latest 2020 OLED and NanoCell models from last year will get the support for the application, along with Smart TVs launched way back in 2016. IBM Watson integrated with ESPN Fantasy Football League to drive deeper engagement with fans. By combing through troves of blogs, documents, and reviews, Trade Assistant with IBM Watson is designed to help you make more informed and unbiased decisions in ESPN Fantasy Football League.

Apple gives Epic Games accounts indefinite extension to use Apple sign-in system. Epic Games announced Apple will let users Sign in with Apple for a bit longer, and warned users to still prepare for the method to be removed. This is the latest move in the ongoing legal battle. Google working on P2P app sharing for Play Store, new design for My Apps. Google is working on a massive redesign of the My Apps section of the Play Store that will see it being named to Manage apps device.

It is also working on P2P sharing for installed apps games. President Donald Trump says no extension will be given to TikTok s deadline. Donald Trump says that he will not extend the deadline set for ByteDance to to sell off its US-based assets. The deadline is September,20th. The firm has less then 9 days to avoid complete ban. Alexa now lets you print documents to compatible printers using your voice. Amazon has added a new feature to Alexa that makes printing your shopping list or any supported document a breeze by using only your voice.

The brands of compatible printers are limited, though. Apple Music for Android appears to confirm the Apple One bundle. Apple One, the name of Apple option golf 7 iqdrive rumored subscription bundle, has been spotted in a string of code seen on the latest beta version of Apple Music for Android. It is expected to debut next week. Rainbow Six Siege for next-gen consoles confirmed with 4K at 120fps.



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