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Click here to read all our solar reviews. Government incentives and financing options make solar a very affordable investment that pays for itself from the start. The IQ Crew was polite, kind, thoughtful, helpful and real gentlemen. They are highly skilled and efficient craftsmen. They answered questions we had and were quick to answer our concerns.

It was a pleasure working with all those of your company that we came in contact with. Gillette Happy Client. We will highly recommend your company to anyone needing your services. Unlike other sales callers, IQ Power was there not just to pitch me the product but was very informative in what was best for my situation. The installers came early, and they showed skill in their installation.

In the city of Orlando, these are the men who make IQ Power a success. I would highly recommend the company, its superior product, and these personnel to whoever would be interested in installing a solar pool heating system on their home. Sison Happy Client. I was very pleased with your prompt response to my service request. Your service man was very thorough in repairing the unusual lightning damage. I am happy that iQ Power is available to service my old solar system that was installed years ago by another company.

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Green Happy Client. SERVICES REPAIRS. IQ Power services and repairs all types of solar equipment and water treatment systems. Our service technicians have gone through countless hours of training specializing in Solar Electric Photovoltaic all brandsSolar Hot Water Open Closed Drainback Systems, Solar Pool Heating all brands and more. FREE ENERGY EVALUATION. We are a leader in energy saving systems, with a full line of the most innovative renewable energy products on the market today.

We are a leader in solar energy, solar pool, solar hot water and solar powered homes and have greatly improved the engineering and performance of every type of solar system. IQ Power is your energy savings expert. 7 HURRICANE LIFE HACKS. Busting Solar Myths. How to Keep the Lights On After a Hurricane. What to Expect When Installing Solar. About iQ Power. iQ Power is a leader in solar energy, solar pool, solar hot water, solar electric photovoltaic and solar powered homes.

Our robô para opções binárias iq option systems are an easy way for homeowners to do their part in helping the environment and adding value to their homes by making them solar powered. 7 HURRICANE LIFE HACKS How to Keep the Lights On After a Hurricane Busting Solar Myths What to Expect When Installing Solar Law Passes, Solar to be Required on New Homes. Service Hours 9 00-4 00 Office Hours 9 00-5 00. State Certified.

Licensed and Insured CVC56999 CVC57069 CFC1429882 EC13008194. 2020 iQ Power Florida Solar Energy Residential Commercial. Masks to be made compulsory on school buses from next week. STUDENTS will be made to wear face masks on school buses from next week. No sea water testing at site of sewage treatment plant. A hundred years old and still living independently. Postal drug seizures rise in lockdown. Get the newspaper delivered or read it online with JEP Extra.

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Donald Trump defies virus rules as peaceful protest rallies grow. States of emergency declared as US braces for Hurricane Sally. Damage reported as hurricane makes rare landfall in Bermuda. Around 695,000 UK jobs lost in first five months of pandemic. Facebook launches climate science information centre to combat misinformation.

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We manage the complete end-to-end customer journey from point of presentment and capture to archiving and research for Financial Institutions, Utilities, Telecommunications, Insurance companies, and corporate businesses. By leveraging our technology, we can spot payment trends, detect fraud and improve payment acceptance channels. Empower your organization to stand united against fraud through an alliance of Canadian financial institutions that harnesses the strength of the network effect.

With the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our innovative models help our clients detect and predict fraud. Our dedicated teams have a history of proactive innovation excellence and are ready to help your organization make the right decisions to protect itself against fraud risk. We have been transforming industries for 20 years.

Fueled by new technologies, see how we are helping move the industry forward. Symcor Symcor May 04, 2020. Symcor Symcor June 04, 2020. Dee Dee Milner Dee Dee Milner May 13, 2020. Ready to accelerate change in your industry. Connect with our team to discuss how we can create richer outcomes for your business. How construction companies are shaping the workflow software of the future.

A look at Autodesk s Project IQ shows how machine learning could transform the building process. A high-tech takeover is underway in construction, and it s changing what we build and how we build it. One area in which the trend is particularly apparent is in the growing list of cloud-based workflow management software that lets teams access project information anytime, anywhere.

The software developer is currently piloting a new program, Project IQ, that analyzes project data to help contractors identify and manage risk on the job site. Turning workflows digital has helped teams collect data, and lots of it, according to Pat Keaney, product management director at Autodesk. Out in the field on any given day, you may have thousands of open issues on a project, you may have hundreds of subcontractors, Keaney said.

The reality of how people work on a job site is they are getting inundated by data, and, at the same time, there are more data-capture options than there ever have been. Autodesk is not alone in their effort to bring cloud-based, mobile workflow technology to the job site though they re a bit ahead of the pack with IQ. Construction tech startup PlanGrid, for example, last month announced new functionality for its building plans app that lets crews file and update custom job-site reports from their mobile devices.

PlanGrid said it will offer ways to analyze the data such as tracking labor hours or site conditions in the coming months. Back when I was a superintendent in the early 2000swe didn t have a lot of these tools, said Dustin Hartsuiker, manager of technology solutions at Swinerton Builders. It used to be a bunch of checklists, a bunch of field notebooks, a bunch of lists of problems that we would get from the architects and engineers.

Swinerton is one of 12 companies in Autodesk s Project IQ pilot. IQ is part of Autodesk s BIM 360 construction project management software platform. Currently, it pulls in data uploaded by Autodesk customers to Field, a component of BIM 360. Keaney expects that, over time, IQ will pull from other BIM 360 products as well as external data sources.

Tracking job sites in real time. IQ was borne from the presence of ample Field data, along with the uptick in mobile use industry-wide, growth in data-capture technology and the volume of data that can be gathered on a job site such as drones, digital fabrication and even wearablesKeaney said. All that encouraged Autodesk to consider what would happen if it mined its customers Field data and applied a little machine learning. We think of IQ like a super-bright PE who s on top of everything and can grab you at the start of the day and say, Hey, today these are the top 50 things we need to focus on to make sure nothing falls through the cracks, and then these are the five subcontractors that I m going to go work with because they re trending risky today, she said.

For now, it s helping those construction companies manage risk on the job. And, in turn, those companies are teaching the technology a thing or two about how construction works. Machine learning on the job. Swinerton is using IQ to monitor subcontractor performance with an eye toward improving project schedules and job-site safety.

What we can understand is not only did a sub have a rough job but that they ve had five rough jobs over the last three years, Hartsuiker said. So now we understand that trade partner is beginning to impact our ability to have successful projects. Autodesk uses code names for internal projects before they re formally released, so when it does roll out IQ to all BIM 360 users, the program will likely have a different name, Keaney said.

That information can be looked at by project, by division and even company-wide, helping contractors to decide whether to dedicate more, different or fewer resources to an issue. For Layton Construction, another company piloting IQ, machine-learning technology has helped them evaluate risk factors more efficiently. In the old days, we would have to call those subcontractors in and say, Hey we ve kind of been noticing things are falling off, you don t have enough manpower here, said Rich Holbrook, director of construction operations at Layton.

We still have to do those things, but this AI helps us recognize more easily what some of those problems are ahead of time so that we can act on them sooner. The trick, Hartsuiker and Holbrook said, is making sure their crews subs included are using the software properly. We have to make sure we re closing the issues timely and noting that information accurately in the program so the risk severity gets minimized, Holbrook said. Layton knows it can t manage subcontractors as effectively as those subs can manage themselves, so the company relies on each of them to help make sure the inputs are accurate.

It s helping us focus on doing a better job with our data entry. The machine needs to learn that and feed that back into the database so a month from now the contractor isn t teaching it the same thing. Machine-learning technology responds to data inputs, meaning that it learns from the behavior of its users. Manager of technology solutions, Swinerton Builders. Context matters, too. Hartsuiker cited a theoretical example of a waterproofing subcontractor being labeled as high-risk. Seeing that, the contractor opens IQ and drills down into the data to see why the sub is flagged.

There, the contractor sees that the software has identified the words roof and penetration multiple times in the specs. The contractor knows the waterproofer is not there to patch holes something that would cause the task to earn higher priority in the system due to the potential for water damage but rather to complete scheduled work.

The contractor then manually downgrades risk assigned to the sub and the related task. The machine needs to learn that and feed that back into the database so a month from now the contractor isn t teaching it the same thing, Hartsuiker said. Autodesk is working on how the software can provide that level of granularity. We are now looking at how do we look for repeat patterns and how do we show where you re not seeing the kind of progress we hope to see either at the project level or the subcontractor level, Keaney said.

IQ pilot users are large building construction companies in the U. and Europe with lots of data to parse, Keaney said, though Autodesk is also exploring horizontal construction applications as well as use by smaller firms. The future of AI for construction. Down the line, IQ could expand into other forms of predictive analysis. Layton piloted IQ on eight projects that represent the company s business units.

It s not difficult to imagine us being able to leverage some of the design patterns that we see in the virtual construction phase and to be able to ultimately correlate which designs are more likely to lead to schedule delays, water risk, cost overruns, etc. Today, IQ is available to the company s roughly 200 active construction projects, though uptake varies. At Swinerton, the software is available company-wide, but Hartsuiker and his team are leaving it up to individual project teams to decide how to use it.

He said the company has been pushing IQ the most on a 30-story apartment high-rise in Denver. As an industry, we re beginning to develop an understanding that all of this data makes a big difference, and we re beginning to start to work with the tools that can help us analyze that data to become more efficient, Hartsuiker said. Follow Hallie Busta on Twitter. Get construction news like this in your inbox daily. It focused on training existing team members to champion the technology throughout the company and educate other users, Holbrook said.

Subscribe to Construction Dive. Subscribe to Construction Dive to get the must-read news insights in your inbox. Many banks not yet accepting PPP forgiveness applications How AECOM is riding technology to the workplace of the future Deep Dive Contractors prepare to face COVID-19 challenges for the long haul Florida contractor arrested for PPP fraud, could face 30 years in prison Gensler earned highest revenue among US architecture firms for 9th consecutive year.

What We re Reading. OSHA National Safety Stand Down - Prevent Falls in Construction Sept. 14 NPR Why Home Improvement Has Surged And How It s Changing America Sept. 14 WSBTV 7 workers injured in 2 major collapses at Atlanta parking garage in 2 days Sept. Understanding the top 3 AIA owner contractor provisions Free webinar Sep 21, 2020 Why Contractors Are Choosing to Digitize Workforce Management Webinar 2pm ET Oct 1, 2020 View all events.

Industry Intel. Whitepaper Does endless document search jeopardize your project s success. DADO eBook Work Anywhere with Bluebeam Revu Bluebeam eBook BIM Track s Ultimate Guide to BIM Coordination BIM Track. Want to share a company announcement with your peers. Get Construction Dive in your inbox. How to Prevent CEO Fraud 10 Tips. CEO fraud scams are on the rise.

They aren t that different than other phishing emails, except most get it and think it s from the boss. The FBI labels these type of attacks as BEC Business Email Compromise incidents and has issued statements about them. The FBI issued public advisories on the BEC scams, identifying a loss of 215 million from October 2013 to December 2014. These crimes can wipe clean out companies of millions of dollars.

Your organization has to be first aware of these crimes before being in a position to prevent them. Sophisticated Threat Actors. In CEO fraud, threat actors are using a more sophisticated social engineering strategy. The email appears to be from the CEO with instructions to wire funds. Except it s not, and the account is fraudulent.

If it s a normal request that doesn t seem out of the ordinary and the receiver doesn t pay close attention, they ll send the request through. Except it wasn t the boss, and the company was scammed out of money. Companies Have Seen Huge Losses. While you make think cybersecurity protocols would be able to catch these, the truth is they cost businesses real money. Ubiquiti Networks, a technology firm, was such a victim, although the company didn t disclose details.

Cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs uncovered it was a BEC which left the company with a loss of nearly 47 million. Moreover, this isn t the only case. The Scoular Company lost over 17 million in a similar scam. With a threat like this, prevention is key. Prevention comes from awareness and education. Learn more about CEO fraud prevention with these 10 prevention tips. Educate financial executives on this phishing scam. These threat actors have done their homework. They know whom to target in the financial team; someone who very well may receive real directives on wiring money.

So, you ll need to review with these employees how easy it is to spoof the boss. First, they need to check to see if it s the actual email address of the CEO and not a domain that s close. Next, they should ask if they were actually expecting such a request. Finally, they should confirm this directive with the CEO by sending their own email or contacting him her by phone. There has to be a well-designed process of how to validate these requests. Always check the numbers.

So, it s not so easy to always spot these CEO fraud emails. These cyberhackers are much too clever to trip up with bad grammar. The email may look 100 legitimate. It could actually be coming from the CEO s email because hackers have infiltrated the system. Thus, the numbers have to be checked. Often, the account number is one off from an actual supplier account.

Implement training for all parties. Even those that don t have to send funds. Training on all types of phishing scams and cyber threats should be a hallmark of any organization s security program. Reinforce this training regularly and send out updates when new types of scams are identified. If you keep employees aware, they become vigilant in how they look at emails asking for things that seem abnormal.

Require proper documentation and or verbal approval for large transfers. If someone receives a wire transfer request for an amount that seems far beyond the norm, it s cause for concern. That s why it s central to institute a policy that the correct documents must accompany all transfers above a certain amount.

For certain thresholds, you may want to initiate in-person approvals. This isn t meant to cause a bottleneck so think about the workflow and how extra checks and balances can improve the process, not derail it. Associate each wire transfer with a purchase order. In most any request for payment from a vendor, there should be a valid purchase order in the accounting system. If a request cannot be matched to a purchase order, then more investigation should occur. Buy domain names that are variations of your organization s name.

Look at variations of different letters but also if numbers are replacing letters. There may be a lot of different possibilities, and this isn t something that should bloom to an excessive cost. Your IT team should be able to advise you of the most likely options and if those robô para opções binárias iq option currently for sale. Add multi-factor authentication MFA to all key applications. This is especially true for any financial platforms.

This means users have to confirm their identity before being able to commence a wire transfer. It s a good practice for any application used by the organization. Protect endpoints with more than passwords. You need to engage MFA in this instance as well. Consider a variety of layers of security. This could be mobile fingerprints, one-time password tokens, digital certificates, and biometrics.

Layer on identity controls. For systems that have highly sensitive, confidential, or proprietary data, establish privileged session monitoring. Initiating session monitoring will allow for the control, monitoring, and record of access to systems as the administrator. This type of monitoring can be as granular as keystrokes. This type of monitoring is required for auditing and to meet regulations. Choose an integrated solution for this monitoring and use it as a tool to ensure key systems aren t being infiltrated that could be used to spoof a CEO fraud attack.

Integrated means that it can scale no matter how large your group of administrators is. Flag emails from extensions close to yours. As one of the biggest ways CEO fraud is pulled off, it s all about the almost correct domain. This could be an extra letter added, or maybe it s. co instead of. Your network staff should be able to set up a rule that says when any email enters the system with these variations, it should be flagged.

The parameters should be set to consider anything that s slightly different. There should be a good way to insert this via an algorithm that uses something like fuzzy logic. CEO fraud isn t going away. As threat actors become smarter and use social engineering to spoof emails, employees in every organization have to be aware of the dangers. Shining a light on what could happen if security measures aren t heeded could be a very eye-opening experience.

Scam prevention, in the end, is coming at the problem from several perspectives. These 10 tips are a great place to start. While the technical preventive measures are important, perhaps the training and education part of the plan is the most. Empower your employees to spot the scam, not be a victim of it. Beth Osborne. Key findings from Infosec s 2020 IT security talent pipeline study Phishing simulations in 5 easy steps Free Phishing Training Kit Free online cyber security training Courses, hands-on training, practice exams AWS Database Management Hack the Box HTB machines walkthrough series Resolute DNS security best practices Preventing DNS hijacking, poisoning and redirection 52 NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework work roles What robô para opções binárias iq option need to know How to align NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework KSAs with roles in your organization Ultimate guide to international data protection and privacy laws 7 NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework categories Everything you need to know What is the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.

CCNA Certification Overview and Career Path updated 2020 CCNA certification prep Network Access CCNA certification prep Automation and programmability CCNA certification prep IP services. 7 NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework categories Everything you need to know. 4 types of phishing domains you should blacklist right now.

What does an IT auditor do. AWS Database Management. Hack the Box HTB machines walkthrough. DNS security best practices Preventing DNS. 52 NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework work. How to Report. Lost or Stolen Cards. Suspicious emails or SMS. Unrecognised Transaction. If you believe your security has been compromised or you notice a transaction you did not make, contact us immediately on 132 032. There are many different types of credit card fraud, but at its simplest, it s when someone obtains your card details and make transactions on your card without you knowing.

You may not be aware that your card has been used fraudulently until. Suspicious Account Numbers. You receive your statement and find there are transactions that you didn t make. Contact us immediately on 1300 130 961, or if outside Australia 61 2 9155 7700. Black cardholders can call 1300 651 999. Our Fraud Detection Team advises you on unusual activity on your card and asks if the charges are yours.

We will send you an SMS text to confirm the transaction sand ask you to text back with your confirmation. If your card is lost or stolen, please report it immediately so we can stop all transactions on your account. Westpac will never send links via email or SMS directly to our Online Banking sign-in page. You will need your 8-digit customer number and password. Step 1 Sign in to Westpac Online Banking Step 2 Select Service from the Service and preferences menu Step 3 Select Report lost or stolen cards from Card services options.

Step 1 Sign in to Westpac Mobile Banking Step 2 Select Services and security from the top left menu Step 3 Select Report lost stolen. Card on Hold. You can also place your card on hold temporarily until you find it. If you do not have Online or Mobile Banking, call our Cards Customer Service Call Centre or Customer Care. Australia Call 1300 651 089 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Overseas - Call 61 2 9155 7700 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note that calls made from mobile phones, public telephones or hotel rooms may attract additional charges.

You can also report the loss at any Westpac branch. Here are some tips to consider, should this happen. Check the Lost Wallet Checklist PDF 57KB for a list of other Australia-wide financial institutions and their contact details for reporting lost cards Report the loss or theft to police call 000 or Police Help line 131 444 Contact your insurance company, locksmith or mobile network provider if keys or phone go missing too Access cash without your debit card at any Westpac ATM.

What to do if your wallet is lost or stolen A lost stolen wallet or handbag can result in the loss of your credit cards, as well as your driver s licence, mobile phone and car or house keys. Just call 132 032 and ask for Emergency Cash. You ll need your 8-digit customer number and password. If you have received an email that you have identified as fraudulent or a scam and it contains BSB and Account numbers, it s always a good idea to report this through to us, before deleting it from your inbox and deleted items.

Sending this information to us assists in identifying potentially fraudulent bank accounts, to help all protect all our customers who may unknowingly be the target of a scam. Emails can be reported to hoax westpac. Suspicious Calls. It s important to make sure that you don t click on any links, or open any attachments in the email to help prevent your device becoming infected with malware. If you receive an unexpected call, ask for a reference number and return the call using a trusted phone number not the one that the caller provides.

If available, report the caller s phone number to Scamwatch by going to scamwatch. If you think you have fallen for a scam, contact us immediately on 132 032. Report suspicious emails or scam details to hoax westpac. au Please note while we monitor this email inbox 24 7, we re unable to respond directly to individual emails. You will receive an automated reply as a confirmation that we have received your email and we will be acting upon it. Report suspicious SMS messages by forwarding the hoax SMS message to 0497 132 032 and then delete the message.

If you clicked on a link provided in hoax email or SMS, it s possible your security could ve been compromised. In that case, contact us immediately on 132 032. Westpac has partnered with IDCARE, Australia New Zealand s National Identity Cyber Support Service, to provide additional support to our customers in these situations. IDCARE provides free, confidential support and guidance to people who have been targeted by fraud, scams, identity theft or compromise.

They can help create a tailored response plan for your personal situation not only in relation to your financial accounts but also any other personal details, phone or email accounts, utilities, social media accounts etc that may be impacted. You can contact IDCARE toll-free on 1300 432 273, or visit their website www. Responsible Disclosure at Westpac. Westpac takes the protection of its customer information and confidential information very seriously.

We welcome any information you have on suspected cyber threats, or security issues. Keep up to date with the latest online security information, including resources and links to relevant organisations. Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network ACORN Stay Smart Online Alert Service Scamwatch. How to win in binary options for us citizens. Have tailormade a specific education programme to help you understand ust how binary options work.

On the other hand, scam binary brokers and others are often using convincing techniques and are promising financial safety while downplaying the true risk. Disclosure zoomtrader is a robô para opções binárias iq option options trading platform provider operated by capital force ltd, republic of samoa, registered under no. ve registered yesterday with iqoptions and started off with 200 i m very new to this so i dont really trade big amounts but so far so good. Binary Options- 89 Win Rate Strategy No Scam.

It provides everything citizens need to know about investing, accounts, brokerage, and offers several tools and materials on finances. Is a weekly webinar, where our qualified experts will introduce you to the basics of binary options and help guide you through the zoomtrader platform. We Protect Who You Are. WE AREN T JUST PROTECTING YOU FROM IDENTITY THEFT. Monitor your personal information 24 7. Get identity theft protection today. Speak to a Live Agent. Why Credit Freezes Fail to Protect Against Identity Theft and Fraud.

Latest IdentityForce. What is Vishing. Voice Phishing Scams to Avoid. Protect Yourself Your Family Against Fraud, Live 15-min Webinar 9 23 2020. IdentityForce, a Sontiq brand, offers proven identity, privacy, and credit security solutions. We combine advanced detection technology, real-time alerts, 24 7 U. -based support, and identity recovery with over 40 years of experience to get the job done. Backed by our million dollar insurance policy, it s why we ve been trusted by millions of people, Global 1000 organizations, and the U.

What is Identity Theft. Identity Theft is an Attack on Everything You ve Built. Identity theft means someone is using your information to make purchases, open new accounts, get medical care at your expense, commit crimes in your name, and more. It s a federal offense, and one of the top 10 biggest threats to today s businesses. In fact, bank account takeovers are rapidly growing internationally.

Our connected lifestyle puts us all at risk. Today s identity thieves use email addresses, social media accounts, and phone numbers to impersonate people you trust, like the head of HR, so you don t think twice about sending them your SSN. Even a shared Netflix password can expose you to identity theft. Since kids have a clean slate, they re often an appealing target to fraudsters. It hurts more than just your credit. ID theft affects everyone around you financially and emotionally.

It destroys credit scores, medical records, college funds, retirement accounts, and reputations. Victims could be stuck paying the bills, even for expenses they weren t aware of. It steals time away from what matters to you, and it can take years to undo this kind of damage. Start your free identity theft protection trial today.

IdentityForce is maximum identity security at your fingertips. Continuous monitoring of your identity, privacy, and credit by using innovative and proactive identity theft protection technology. We ll detect illegal selling of your personal, financial, and credit information, providing robust monitoring required in today s connected world. IdentityForce provides an early warning system rapidly notifying you when your personal information is at risk. Our alerts are sent to your smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer, so you have the power to act before damage is done.

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Free of Identity Theft. They keep us free of identity theft. Easy to Establish an Account. It was easy to get started and establish an account. Easy, trusting, and informative. Someone is on my side for a change. This was one of the best decisions I have made. Left my other company for IdentityForce and they have been on top of everything. You re doing a very good job. Nobody s tried to hack me yet or use my birth certificate. Protects My Information. Since using IdentityForce I have had no issues with my personal information and how do you put a price on peace of mind.

I am very confident that I am secure with IdentityForce. I have had them for several years now and continue to subscribe. I am very happy with IdentityForce and feel safe with the monitoring being done. Just became a member a month ago. So far was notified to change email password because it was hacked. IdentityForce will keep you updated by the second. I Never Worry. I never worry about my security with IdentityForce. I would and have recommended it to others. Keeps Track and Advises.

I like the fact that you are keeping track of my online activity advise if anything is suspicious. Under Great Care. Everything has been great under the care, and supervision of IdentityForce. I Trust IdentityForce. I have been with IdentityForce for approximately 2 years and I have had no problems with identity theft. Easy Access to Credit Report. Love that I can see all my credit reports and lock unlock easily as needed. Prompt Alerts. All alerts have been received and successfully revealed.

Happy Customer. I am happy with this company. Thank you for your excellent service. Superior Service. No one else even comes close to the service they provide. The price is the best I have seen. IdentityForce Never Disappoints. This company is top of the class. They are right on the point never disappoints. Great job really like your newsletter.

They Got It Right. Proactive Breach Alerts. IdentityForce told me about a hack and showed me that my info was already on the dark web, so I could immediately change passwords and bank info. Feel More Protected. Being a widow and alone I need some help to keep myself safe. I feel confident that IdentityForce will keep my ID safe all over the web. The customer service, support, and website are excellent. Always very helpful. Warned Me of a Hack. Warned me of a hack and advised me how to clear it.

Keeps Me Safe. I am happy with IdentityForce and I know that they are always keeping me safe. Helps Me Feel Secure. Always keeps up with my activity and informs me often. Easy to Sign Up. I was very pleased with the ease of signing up for protection. Identity theft is very disrupting to one s life but knowing you are being looked after is great. I chose IdentityForce because of favorable reviews and competitive pricing. Best Service. I believe they do the best service I can ask for.

Great to Have a Guardian. I appreciate your assistance in these days of insecurity due to the increased security breaches. Thoughts from a Client. I am very satisfied happy with the service. I am also relieved to have this protection. I find IdentityForce alerts me and keeps me in the loop. Very Reliable. IdentityForce has been very reliable in keeping up with incidents that have appeared on my computer.

Excellent Protection. It gives us peace of mind that IdentityForce is constantly keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity. Easy to Use and Understand. You will be happy to use this service to keep an eye on your credit inquiries. Concerned with Cybercrime. I feel confident that IdentityForce will alert me to potentially fraudulent activity. Feeling Secure. I feel certain that IdentityForce has my back. Every time I put an application with a credit card, I get an alert.

That s reassuring. Easy and Straight-forward. I have a lot of confidence in working with IdentityForce. Monitored by the Right People. Every area being monitored gives me important information about my finances to personal safety. Best Protection. IdentityForce notifies me of anything that hits my credit reporting agencies and advises as to how to handle a derogatory hit. I am no longer worried about the Dark Web having my Social Security number stolen, safety issues.

Great Value for Peace of Mind. I have been very happy with IdentityForce. The credit reporting feature is especially helpful and gives me peace of mind. Easy to Use System. We feel IdentityForce is doing a good job and doing everything they say that they will do. Courteous and Responsive. I found the service person I spoke to be very courteous and responsive to my inquiries. Close and Constant Supervision. Close and constant supervision of my identity and credit score, prompt notifications and a very highly-rated organization.

Great Identity Theft Protection. I spent a lot of time upfront to see which identity theft company offered the most features for the best price and IdentityForce was by far the highest value. Having been a victim of identity fraud, I am comfortable with the fact that I have an extra set of eyes on all my important financial transactions. Efficient Product.

I would recommend them to anyone looking for protection at an affordable price. IdentityForce Provides Solid Protection. IdentityForce is easy to use, easy to navigate and is complete in its coverage. Proactive and Thorough. It s hard to put a price on your personal security and IdentityForce is definitely worth every penny we ve invested.

Friendly, Knowledgeable and Professional. The comparison of IdentityForce with other competitors clearly shows a big edge for IdentityForce. Join IdentityForce and feel secure because what you get is not exceeded by competitors. Thumbs up all the way around. Although I am a new member, I do appreciate the service. Rapid Report. I am so pleased to have this protection in place. No More Fret.

Thank you so much for being so vigilant for me. It has taken so much fretting out of my life. There was very rapid report sent to me via email, so that I might check my account and see what was going on with my account. I have nothing to worry about as they have my back. I feel secure. Stood out among the rest. Their customer service is stellar and they seem genuinely happy to assist people. I am very happy, and feel as protected as you can be in this world of fraud.

Love the Follow-Through. I really like the follow-through updated information regarding criminal behavior that I can stop immediately. Since I have been protected by IdentityForce; I finally experience peace of mind. User Friendly Website. Very user friendly website. I would recommend this company to my friends. Taken Care Of. I find myself very relaxed knowing they are monitoring my cards phones taking care of things for me. I m Thankful. I believe they are doing a very good job watching my information.

So Happy I Found You. IdentifyForce has given me ease of mind They monitor every day send me alerts when anything seems suspect. Honest Courteous. They have always been honest courteous made an effort to give me the best price for the services. Their communications have indicated that they are on top of following our credit monetary activity. Service is Unbelievable. Can t believe the service that I am getting.

It is EXCELLENT. In this day and age, one needs to feel confident regarding one s security. IdentityForce gives us that peace of mind. Excellent customer service and reporting of findings. Keep up the good work Thank you. Thank you for watching my back. Has kept my credit from being abused or targeted by any one for the last 7 years. They Keep Watch. They keep watch, and so far, everything looks good. Great Security. Love how they notify us with account alerts.

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